The Dentist

I hate going to the dentist.  Not in the normal way that people just don’t like going, it’s bigger than that.  I had a bad experience as a child.  And now on the days leading up to a dental check-up I feel sick and dread every moment that takes me closer to that time.  The first time I went to the dentist in Cranberry when I lived in that area, it wasn’t good.  When I left, she gave me a prescription for Valium and said that I needed to take it before every appointment.  I did and it helped a little bit.

Given my history I really wanted Juliana’s first trip to the dentist to be a positive experience.  I made an appointment at a pediatric dentist recommended by a friend (Dentistry for kids – Monroeville, they have other offices in the area as well).  In advance we talked in general terms about what to expect and explained that everyone would be very nice.

The staff was wonderful.  On the way back to the chair we stopped to visit the fish tank and then she had time to look around the room and watch another little girl having her teeth cleaned.  She hopped up in the chair, picked out sunglasses to wear and payed close attention as each tool was explained to her.  She did great!  At one point she was asked a question and I could see the look in her eyes – how am I supposed to answer you while you have your fingers in my mouth.

She sat perfectly still for the x-rays and even had a fluoride treatment – they had 10 different flavors of the fluoride – she selected cotton candy (after her bubble gum flavored tooth paste).

She left with 4 Princess stickers and lip gloss as a prize for being so good and she excited about going back!

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  • Anonymous

    I want to go to this denist

  • pghrugbyangel

    I am also terrified. Literally dreadfully terrified of the dentist due to a crazy experience.

    So glad Juliana's experience was good.

    And I'm kinda happy I'm not the only person I know afraid of the dentist. (I'm considering sleep dentistry, to be honest. That's how bad it is.)