When You Were Born

By the time you arrived at 10:15 pm on that Friday night, it had been a long day (two days really).  You were in no hurry to come out into the world.  After being induced and a long labor and pushing, you still wanted to stay put.  Eventually the Drs decided it was in everyone’s best interest for me to have a c-section.

As the nurses got everything ready and they wheeled me to the OR, I was very tired, nervous and so anxious to see you and know that you were healthy.  Once everyone was ready and Daddy had made it to my side, you were out so quickly.  They wrapped you up and Daddy walked over to see you – you were so calm in those first moments after your birth.

Daddy got to hold you first since the Drs were still working on Mommy than you were back in your tiny bed and Daddy went to the recovery room to tell your Grandparents that you were here and that you were perfect.

It was so quiet in the OR at that point.  The Drs had finished their work and the nurses got Mommy ready to go back to the room, I didn’t even know that you were still there.  Just as I was ready to be wheeled out, they brought you to me and I held you for the first time.  Even now 4+ years later I can remember that moment as if it just happened.  I was overjoyed to hold you close and see your cute little nose and tiny fingers.

We spent the next few days in the hospital getting to know each other.  We took lots of pictures because we thought that you were the cutest little baby we had ever seen.

We took the first pictures of our new little family.

We dressed you up for the first time just to take more pictures.  You are even wearing a pink barette in your hair.

We held you lots, it was rare that you were in your little bed and not being held by Mommy, Daddy or one of the visitors who came to meet you.

On the morning that we packed up and got you ready to go home, we were so happy that you were our little girl.

After the time we spent snuggling you and gazing at your cuteness and wondering what we ever did without you, it was clear that we had fallen completely in love with you.

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