11 Months Old

Even though they will be 12 months next week, this post reflects their activities at 11 months.

Month 11 was the month of mobility and exploring lots of finger foods.  They are a bit like puppies, crawling all over the place, chewing on everything, and making lots of noise.  Sometimes they travel as a pack around the house seeking the same ball or other toy and on other occasions they are on their own traveling in opposite directions.

During month 11:

  • The gates were installed at both sides of the main living area and if they are not latched completely they can get them open and escape
  • We switched to bigger car seats
  • Ruslan continues to blow kisses and still sucks his left thumb and holds his right ear
  • Wyatt makes clicking noises and ear-splitting yells
  • Both pull themselves up to stand and cruise along the furniture and walls
  • Wyatt is especially interested in electrical outlets so we are extra careful to watch out for them when we are somewhere that they might not be covered
  • Ruslan’s reflux finally started to end to the point where we no longer have to keep him in a bib all day for spit-up.  We started the process of switching him from the reflux formula to the same brand that Wyatt eats.
  • They both love chasing balls
  • Ruslan started clapping and blowing razzberries
  • We bought their first pair of shoes, but we still keep them barefoot most of the time
  • We worked with Wyatt to get him to put himself back to sleep when he was continuing to wake-up at 2:00 am many nights – now everyone sleeps all night
  • New finger foods: egg yolk (scramble and hard boiled), blueberry waffles, toast, green beans and peas

We are starting to get to the point where they entertain each other and I can start to see the advantage of having a built in playmate as they grow-up.

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