Hair and Nails

Last Friday my mom took Juliana for a manicure – now she has had as many professional manicures as I have had in my life – that would be 1.  My mom was sitting next to Juliana having her nails done as well.

When asked what color she wanted – “Rainbow”.  My mom was quick to remind her that she was only allowed to have one color and it needed to be light-colored.  Later she found out that she could have stickers painted on her nails.  She selected pink flowers for one finger on each hand and then butterflys for another finger.  The women couldn’t understand her request for butterflys and apparently Juliana thinks that the way you speak to people who are not native English speaking is to talk slowly and loudly – BUT-TER-FLY.  And I guess it worked since she ended up with what she wanted.  We will need to work on her communication skills.

Saturday we went for much needed haircuts.  It was a salon filled weekend.

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