Happy Easter

It takes some work, but generally I can get a decent picture of the 3 of them together when I want.  Not today and if the boys stay as busy as they are now it might be a while until that happens.  Here are 2 pictures from the many I took, hoping that the boys would stay put (this is after bribing Juliana).

Dress-up clothes for boys are not nearly as much fun to buy, but they looked very cute in their khakis and button down shirts.

We got up early so everyone could be ready to go in time to make it to 8:00 church.

I let them crawl all over to burn off some energy after sitting nice in church – notice they are headed in opposite directions.

And then I realized that they would sit still for a few minutes if I gave them a snack.

They did not stay still long enough for Juliana to walk across the room.

After church the boys took naps and Juliana played with her toys from her Easter basket – we do small toys instead of candy.  One of her toys was a giant bubble wand and she waited by the door for my dad to come over so they could play outside.  The boots were the fastest shoe she could get on her feet.

My parents and Scott’s parents came over for dinner – yummy ham!  We had a really nice day with family.

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