I was so nervous about our trip to Maryland – 350 miles in the van with 2 wild babies who don’t like to stay still for long.

We timed the trip to leave right after the boys ate breakfast in the hope that they would take a good morning nap.  We had the van packed, a movie on for Juliana and left the house at 9:40 am.  And then Scott drove really fast while Juliana watched movies, the boys slept and I chilled.  I don’t sleep in the car and I can’t read for more than a few minutes or I get car sick.

We made it all the way to Fredrick, MD without stopping – the boys woke-up shortly before that and were content with some small tpys.  We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch and the boys were so excited to sit in the old-fashioned high chairs.  They were entertained by all of the people and the people sitting near us were entertained by them.  As we were finishing lunch, 3 different tables of people told us how well behaved our children were – proud mom momment.

Before leaving, the boys got clean diapers and we loaded them back in the car with little complaint.  More small toys were handed out and after a half-hour they were back asleep.  We drove the rest of the way to our hotel near Ocean City, MD without stopping.  The last 45 minutes was a bit rough – the boys were getting tired of their car seats and hungry. 

As soon as we checked in the boys had their afternoon bottle and then started to explore the room.  There were plenty of new surfaces to cruise along and some toys from home provide a familar touch.  Juliana was incredibly good for the entire drive and set-up a space for herself to color as soon as we arrived.

After getting settled and feeding the boys their dinner we drove to the boardwalk and went for a walk.  Scott and I enjoyed fries from Thrashers; Juliana prefered to eat a soft pretzel.  It was chilly and windy so we didn’t stay long.  Juliana and Scott ventured down to the water for a minute while we waited on the boardwalk.  Juliana was able to run off some of her energy from the day.

We stopped for take-out stone crab for dinner and when we arrived at the hotel everyone was asleep.  That was just the little nap they needed to be up late.  It was 10:30 before everyone settled down for the night.  And Wyatt got up at 5:00 and slept on me until Ruslan was up at 7:00.

We had decided to drive home after the wedding rather than deal with another night away from home and a day of driving to come home.  That worked out great for the boys – they had their night time bottle at the reception and fell asleep within minutes of leaving.  Juliana was awake until 11:00 and then dozed off only to wake-up 30 minutes later very upset and unconsolible.  It was about time to stop so we made our gas and bathroom stop for the ride home.  I got Juliana settled again in the back with a fresh movie and she stayed awake until 2:00 am – apparently she gets her anti-car sleeping from her mommy.

We arrived home at 3:00 am – very tired and happy to be home.  Juliana work briefly and went right back to sleep and Ruslan as well.  Wyatt had thrown-up in the car toward the end of our trip (we didn’t know until we were home since he never cried).  So I had to change him and then spend some time getting him settled.  It was a short night for mommy.

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  • Burgh Baby

    I swear Alexis has a six hour timer installed in her brain. She is absolutely fantastic in the car for up to six hours, but the second that timer in her head goes off, she loses her mind. There have been a few times when we didn't quite make it to Indianapolis in time and it. was. ugly.

    So glad the crew was good for you!