Big Sister

As the boys have become more mobile Juliana is more interested in playing with them and sharing their toys. She wants to know what they are doing as soon as she wakes up in the morning and Ruslan and Wyatt are always excited to see her.

Juliana is quick to tell me when they are doing something they are not allowed to do. She doesn’t quite understand why they can’t play with all of her toys – she says she will share. She doesn’t completely grasp that toys with tiny pieces are dangerous. But most of the time she is happy to take things away from them…like remotes or a favorite toy that she left out and one of the boys is happily chewing on.

It’s a delicate balance and can quickly go from happy, fun playtime to 3 children crying.

There are wonderful moments where they play together – children entertaining other children without a parent also playing – this is huge!

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