Climbing the Stairs

The getting into everything and fearless climbing (onto and over furniture now) continues.  The only time that they have access to climb the stairs is at bath time.  As soon as the gate between the living room and the hallway is open, they drop to the floor and crawl as quickly as they can to make their escape.  Here is what it looks like when it is time for bath as they babble and scramble up the stairs.  At the end of the video Wyatt goes straight to the bathroom – I had to stop recording and get him because he will try to climb in the bathtub himself.

1 comment to Climbing the Stairs

  • Twinmamateb

    So very cute!!!!!

    Mine are still so excited about climbing the stairs they forget that its to get in their cribs for bedtime ;-), just the click of the gate opening sends them running across the room!

    They have just now learned to walk DOWN the stairs. Holy moly is that scary.