I think every mom has days where they wonder how they will make it through the day or the weekend or the next week.  Raising children can be a challenge.  I had an especially difficult day this past Sunday.  By the time dinner and baths were over and the boys were in bed, I was in tears and I still had to go the grocery store and then get Juliana to bed.  I love my little ones so much and there is no denying that they are a lot of work.  I think back to weekends before children – sleeping late, going out to dinner in the evening with no prior planning…  It’s a very different life now – up when the boys wake, showers during nap time, picking up the same toys every day, running errands with children (I don’t mind having them with me in the stores – it’s the in and out of the car seats at every stop that makes every trip so much longer).

I have always been thankful that we were able to get pregnant easily both times.  We have friends who have gone through years of failed attempts and others who can’t have children at all.  Those are the people that it was so hard to tell when we were expecting the twins.

One couple in particular has been on my mind over the past month.  Scott and the husband have been friends for a really, really long time and we love his wife.  They can’t have children.  They adopted a little girl a year after Juliana was born and she is adorable.  Last year they decided to go down the long and expensive road of adopting again.  One day toward the end of May, Scott received a call from his friend saying that a local birth mom had selected them and the newborn baby boy was already home with them.  I went through my boxes of outgrown baby boy clothes to see if I had any of the early clothes left and Scott’s friend stopped by the next day to pick up a box of stuff.  He was so happy.  Last week we heard through another friend that the birth mom has started calling – just a few days before the waiting period was to expire.  And by the end of the weekend we found out that the baby was back with his birth mother.  I know it takes far less than a month to fall in love with a baby and we are so sad for them.

Last night after dinner, all 3 kids were crying or whining about something (the boys didn’t have an afternoon nap and Juliana was in a “I need Mommy at my beck and call every minute” mood).  I forced myself to stop and be thankful for the house full of children and then I went on with running the bath water and finishing the evening routine.

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