Perfect Day for the Park

Today was one of those perfect spring days – sunshine, blue skies and not too hot.  I took a late lunch break today and we went to the park.  Since the boys were only a few months old at the end of last summer, this was their first trip to the park that they could enjoy the swings.  They had so much fun on the swings.

This park has lots of different pieces of equipment.  One of the sets has double slides that aren’t very steep so they had fun climbing those.  All of that stair climbing practice prepared them for this challenge.

They quickly discovered the tunnel at the top of the slide and eagerly scrambled through and back out the other side.

We spent about an hour at the park and they enjoyed every minute.  They are walking more each day and in a few weeks they will be able to do so much more at the park.  I probably won’t be able to keep up with them alone next time.

2 comments to Perfect Day for the Park

  • Sarah Zipse

    Yes, they will be moving faster in different directions. No more camera in one hand :)

  • TwinMamaTeb

    Sure you will- it will just take some practice, and you will learn which parks will work and which won’t. Also don’t be afraid to yell for other parents to catch a runaway…they are usually eager to help and just laugh along with you!