Random Juliana

Juliana has 2 volume levels when she talks – loud and louder.  On Father’s Day we made sweet rolls and took one upstairs to Scott.  She tip-toed up the stairs, set the plate down on the bed side table, walked to the other side of the room and yelled –  Happy Father’s Day! really loud.


I told Juliana to ask Scott what he wanted on his birthday cake.
J: Daddy, what do you want on your birthday cake?  Do you want Woody, or Prince Levine, or Prince Erik, or Prince Charming?
S: I want a race car on my cake
J: Mommy, Daddy wants a cake in the shape of a yellow car
(His birthday cake had the cars from Disney’s Cars on it and everyone was happy)


Conversations with my mom and Juliana

J: Nonni, When I get married to my hockey player I won’t be living in Pittsburgh (I have lots of problems with this initial statement)
N: I will miss you when you move away
J: Don’t worry Nonni.  You will be old and dead then.

J: Nonni, I want to watch my new movie, where is your iPad?
N: I backed up my iPhone so you can watch it on there.
J: Don’t you mean you synced your iPhone?

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