Random Juliana

Her current favorite treat is a strawberry with a small hole cut into the top for some cool whip and a blueberry.  And of course a spoonful of cool whip on the side.


J: Mommy, I want a bone suit like Smitty
Me: A what?
J: You know, an outfit that looks like a person without any skin so you can see their bones
Me: Oh, a skeleton costume like Smitty (Imagination Movers) was wearing.

She has mentioned the bone suit several times since then; it would be an odd addition to all of the princess costumes.


We have instituted evening quiet time during the time that Juliana is awake after the boys have gone to bed.  Some evenings she watches Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, other nights she draws or colors, and many times she sits and plays her Leapster – lining up the cartridges in the order she plans to use them.


Yesterday she told me that she loves me more than Daddy.  I told her that it was OK to love Daddy as much as me.  She responded that she has known me longer than anyone else because she first met me when she lived in my belly.  And since she has loved me for longer than anyone else she loves me the most.

2 comments to Random Juliana

  • Sarah Zipse

    OK, how many strawberries do you have to prepare each time? I’d love it if you could fix me up a dozen or so :) She looks like a dashboard hoola girl in that one photo – cracks me up!

  • Summer

    Lol… How can you argue with that reasoning?!?! I love your blogs and wish I was this creative!