15-Month Check-Up

Ruslan and Wyatt had their 15-month check-up this week.  They had both been very fussy all weekend and by Sunday evening Ruslan added a fever to his teething, drooling, drippy nose misery.  So Ruslan stayed home on Monday.  I probably would have called the Dr’s office if they didn’t already have their well visit scheduled for Tuesday morning. 

Wyatt was first up to be weighed and measured and he freaked out as soon as I set him on the scale so that process took a while.  It is difficult to get an accurate measurement when the child keeps trying to dive off the scale.  Ruslan followed suit and had no interest in being a willing participant in the process either.

The Dr looked at Ru and was very surprised that he didn’t have an ear infection.  And he was just as suprised when he discovered that Wyatt did have one in his left ear, and it was a bad one.  Then it was time for shots.  We were in and out of the Dr’s office in under an hour – this is a first for a full well visit for the two of them.  Usually we wait a while for the nurse to come back and give the shots, but she had them ready to go.  Scott is so impatient waiting in the exam room and he missed out on the efficient visit.  I think the fact that we are in the middle of the healthiest time of the year made for less sick visits and helped make everything run more smoothly.

Height: 30-3/4″ (37%) (12-month 11%)
Weight: 22 lb 4 oz (18%) (12-month 24%)

Height: 32-1/2″ (86%) (12-month 72%)
Weight: 22 lb 12 oz (24%) (12-month 20%)

1 – I can’t believe that they don’t weight more than that – they feel like they are so much heavier then they were a few months ago.
2 – I wouldn’t put a whole lot of stake in the numbers this month with as much as they were moving around on the scale.
3 – Their growth curves are so different than Juliana – she has always been 90-95% for height and ~40% for weight.  Her percentiles have been very consistent at every well visit.

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