Every Day is an Adventure

“Wow!  Toddler twins and a 4 year old – you must really have your hands full.”  I hear those words a lot.  And I do have my hands full, but I generally respond by saying every day is an adventure.  There are many days when I am exhausted and fight to keep my eyes open until the children are in bed.  But often those moments of complete exhaustion are interrupted by something wonderful – a tippy toddler running across the room laughing because he is so excited that he is walking while his brother on the other side of the room bursts into applause at the happy sight – you can’t help but smile when that is happening in front of you.

As I was picking up toys I discovered this in the middle of the room.  The toddlers are better at taking stuff apart than building so I know this was the work of Juliana.    A stuffed animal lion, driving the little people farm tractor with red, red mallet balanced in a toddler shoe on the back of the tractor.  People with perfect houses and boring lives never stumble upon something like this at the end of a long day – I will take adventure any day over that life.

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