It’s All About Juliana

This is the conversation that Juliana and I had while we walked home from childcare today.

M: I went to the Dr today.
J: Why?
M: Because I have been sick all week
J: Can I have a freeze pop when we get home?
M: And I have medicine that I am going to take so I get better
J: I really, really want a freeze pop
M: Don’t you care that Mommy is sick?
J: OK, here’s what we can do.  First as soon as we get home you get me a freeze pop.  Second put a movie on for me.  And then you go get some rest so you can get better.
M: Who will feed the boys their dinner and watch them?
J: Nonni
M: Nonni can’t watch them because she is getting ready to leave
J: Well, then you will have to watch them.  Let’s hurry home and get my freeze pop.

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