Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they are playing

When I was pregnant with the boys everyone told me after the first year (which would be hard – hard is an understatement), that having twins was easier than having one child because they have a constant playmate available.  That made a lot of sense since at the time Juliana was 3 and constantly wanted me to play with her and entertain her all of the time.  And now that they are toddlers I am starting to see their relationship develop.

Instead of being worried about them waking each other up since their cribs are right next to each other, I know that they are comforted knowing that their brother is right there.  When I take the second one up to bed, he always looks into the other crib before settling down to sleep.

And they play together – teaming up to get into something they shouldn’t or emptying the toys of the box.  On this occasion they were in the play yard and I could hear them throwing all of the toys over the wall one-by-one.  And then they were quiet for a few minutes which caught my attention.  That lull was followed by giggles and when I went to investigate I found that the play yard was cleared of every single toy and they had a clear space.  This is what happened next.

They were both giggling the entire time.

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