Ten on Tuesday

1 – The boys learned how to blow kisses – it’s the cutest thing ever…and they make “muh” noises when they do it.

2 – Wyatt loves to sit and read books.  If you sit on the floor and start reading, he will walk over and make a place for himself on your lap.  He sits and listens.

3 – Ruslan doesn’t enjoy having a book read to him as much.  He prefers to sit and read himself.  But there is one book that he usually has – Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?   This past weekend he was in a cranky mood and that book did a great job of cheering him up.  I had to put it away for a while at one point because Wyatt was taking it and that was creating the fight of the weekend.

4 – When you have a big sister, it is impossible to escape the occasional accessory.

5 – The car seats for the boys are still facing backward.  While they were plenty big enough to have the seats turned around when they turned one, more and more experts are recommending that the seats stay reversed for as long as possible – it is a lot safer.  I think that Juliana was 18 months when we turned her seat.  I haven’t decided when we will turn their seats forward.

6 – Wyatt thinks that splashing in the water is the best thing about summer.

7 – I finished one of the projects that has been on my to do list for a while – shuffled and added new pictures to the dining room wall – I am very happy with the results.  I love the new pictures that show the boys and Juliana over the past year.

8 – Juliana wants to learn to scuba dive like Daddy.

9 – The boys have recently decided that some cold foods are OK, especially the very tasty ones like freeze pops and ice cream. 

10 – Juliana received this riding toy on her first birthday.  I found it in the garage last weekend and got it out for the boys to use.  Juliana is enjoying it as well and Ruslan is just as happy pushing it as he is riding.

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