Troubles with Two Toddlers

As I mentioned in the last post there are some positives to having two toddlers to entertain each other.  On the other hand, one toddler can be handful and when you double the toddler drama things get interesting, messy and loud.

Tasks that should be simple – put a clean diaper and clothes on a small child become next to impossible when that strong willed boy is doing everything in his power to wrestle away and escape this torture.  Once one is dressed I sometimes take a break before literally tackling the other one.  One day this week while I was dressing Ruslan, he took the opportunity to bite my arm because he was mad that I pulled a shirt over his head.

They cry when they don’t get what they want and occasionally lie on the ground and scream – this is especially fun when they are both screaming.  In this case we took a toy away from Ruslan so he would hold on with both hands – this made him very unhappy.  As soon as he had the toy back – perfectly happy.  It works the same way when I put him down and he wants to be held – screaming.  The second I pick him up quiet.

They have a favorite toy – it is whatever toy the other one is playing with at that exact moment.  No other toy will do and they will fight and pull the toy away and run while the other chases and the process repeats.  When the pushing and hitting starts, I take the toy away.

Every object in the house is a climbing tool – a means to reach higher.

Boxes, bins, laundry baskets – everything must be emptied – generally this involves team work.

When I am holding one of them, the other one usually wants to be held as well.  And if I hold them both, neither is happy and they will often kick and hit each other while they sit on my lap and cry.

Ruslan thinks that” No” is the funniest word.  He laughs and keeps doing whatever it was he was doing at the time and when I push his arm away he tries to bite.  Giggling the whole time.  Wyatt bursts into tears when you tell him “No”; he thinks it is a very sad word. 

I started recording this video because the boys were playing nice.  This dino toy was in storage from when Juliana was their age and I needed some new entertainment that day.  At the end of the video I am attacked by Wyatt – this is a regular occurrence.  He hits me in the head with toys on a regular basis and thinks it is very funny.

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