Back to Preschool with Twinkle Toes

The summer childcare program has come to a close.  Earlier this week, Juliana told me that she didn’t want to go back to school…she wants it to be summer forever.  Alas, it was back to school on Thursday – another year of preschool for Juliana – it will be her 3rd year since she won’t be 5 until October.

She woke up in a great mood and came running down the hallway – new dress in her arms.  She eagerly did everything that I asked – brushed teeth and hair, got dressed, entertained her brothers for a few minutes.  She was happy and coorperative, these are traits often lacking from Juliana in the morning.  She was excited.  Not excited to go to school.  She was excited to show her new shoes to her friends.

Last week while she was at Nana’s house, there was a discussion of shoes that Juliana really wanted and she told Nana that I wouldn’t buy them from her.  Upon hearing this I asked what the shoes were.  She told me they were called Twinkle Toes.  This was the first time I heard of these shoes so off to Google I went where I learned that they made by Skechers.  I also learned that they are really expensive (at least in the world of kids shoes that I buy ~$45).  I found out that they sell them at Kohl’s and since they have great sales and I had a 30% coupon in my posession I thought it might be possible.  The next night we went to Kohl’s to look for shoes for last week’s wedding and we also looked at Twinkle Toes.  I found some options that were slip-on (no laces) and available at a reasonable sale price.

Wednesday night after we picked out her dress, I got the shoes out of her closet and asked if she wanted to wear them.  She told me that would make a super cute outfit and I am her favorite person.

And it did make a super cute outfit.

And when she met one of her friends in the parking lot at school and they stopped to compare twinkle toes…I felt like a pretty cool mom.

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