Juliana and the Flower Boy

Earlier this summer, Juliana’s preschool teacher asked if Juliana could be the flower girl in her wedding.  And a few weeks later Juliana came home from her summer childcare program very excited – “When I am in the wedding!!!  I am going to walk down the aisle with A BOY!!!!!!!”  From this point forward she referred to him as her flower boy (we explained the ring barer term and that he would be carrying the wedding rings…but she prefered her term).  She has talked about the wedding and her flower boy (FB) non-stop for the past 2 months.  She talked him up so much I was sure she would want nothing to do with him when the wedding day arrived.

We met FB at the rehearsal Friday night and they played at the playground together.  The bride told me that FB had asked what Juliana looked like a few weeks ago and once she told him that Juliana was blond he didn’t ask any more questions. 

Saturday afternoon they were dressed and ready for the wedding and there was nothing for them to do.  So I walked them over to the ceremony area for another practice run.  They practiced walking down the aisle and we talked about when Juliana should start dropping the flower petals and where they should stand at the start of the wedding and where they would sit when it was time to sit and that I would be in the chair behind them if they needed anything.  We were headed back to the house to wait when the photographer stopped and asked them to pose for some pictures to check the lighting.  She refused to deliver any nice smiles for those photos.

When it was time for the ceremony, they walked mostly together down the aisle and went to the spots where they were supposed to stand. 


The rest of the wedding they stood and sat when and where they were told – I was amazed at what a great job they did and that Juliana didn’t chicken out and run and sit on my lap.  Towards the end of the ceremony (it was the longest wedding I have been to in a very long time), they grew understandably fidgety. 

Juliana started to get annoyed and swatted him with the bride’s bouquet when he didn’t stop touching her arm.

When the ceremony was over they started walking out together and then FB walked ahead the rest of the way.

Juliana wanted to change out of her dress right away so she could play at the playground with her friends, but she had to wait for the formal pictures. 

When they were announced at the reception, they walked in hand-in-hand smiling.

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