Kennywood – Back to Kiddieland

With Juliana’s love of the “big kid rides” we haven’t spent too much time in Kiddieland the past 2 years.  That changed when we took the boys this week.  It was the first time that they were able to go on the rides.  It was not their first trip to Kennywood however the only ride that they rode last year was the stroller ride (7 weeks old).

We were concerned that they would try to stand up while the rides were moving so we started out with a ride that Juliana could go on with them.  Wyatt loved every minute – no suprise.  Ruslan didn’t seem to love or hate the experience; I think he was trying to understand what was happening and he kept looking for me when they passed.  They were both happy to have a steering wheel to turn.

Then we moved on to Dumbo – that was not nearly as much fun without the steering wheel.

Juliana rode the mini-Whip and the boys watched it go round and round.

We all rode the ‘lil Phantom.  Juliana was in her own seat, Wyatt sat with me and Ruslan with Scott.  Wyatt was ok and Ruslan cried – it was too noisy and rough for him.

After the baby turtles we went to eat lunch and ride bigger rides with Juliana. 

Scott wandered around with the boys and they both napped for a while.  They went back to Kiddieland for a while and then we finished the day with funnel cake before going home. 

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  • Sarah Zipse

    OMG – I love that one picture of Wyatt, grinning ear to ear. And here I would have thought Ruslan would become the wild child. I guess we have many years to observe.