Our Saturday Adventure to Soergel’s Farm

Since Scott returned home from Guam, we have been trying to have a family outing each Saturday.  Something kid friendly followed by dinner out with the kids (2 parents vs 3 kids at a restaurant – 2 of whom throw food and sippy cups on occasion…it gets interesting).

This past Saturday we decided to go to Soergel’s Farm – I had never been and Juliana seemed to enjoy it when she went there on a field trip, so I thought we would give it a try.   The boys had fun driving the tractor – I love their dangling legs.

Then we went to the petting zoo area.  Juliana was so excited to feed the animals, but she would get close to the goats and drop the food where it was out of their reach.  After a few attempts she was brave enough to get closer.  As soon as the goats hear the handle on the food machine turn, they come running.

Whenever Ruslan sees a dog he starts “woof-woof”.  This weekend we learned that he makes that sound when he sees cows as well. 

The area with the little houses was so cute!  The boys were nervous at first, but then Wyatt figured out that he could climb in and out of the houses and look out windows.  We had to leave that area when Wyatt found the house with the second level with a ladder to climb inside.

All of the kids spent lots of time climbing on the train.  The boys thought that it was so cool that they could climb over and through the tunnels, especially when they spotted each other.

They are still learning about steps and climbing down from things.

Before we left I thought it would be fun to take a picture of the 3 of them in front of the 2010 sign.  Ruslan had no interest in standing so we switched to a seated picture – most important lesson for photographing twins = flexibility.  Then Juliana started picking grass and putting it in Wyatt’s hair and Ruslan thought that was very funny.

This turned out to be a great stop with all 3 kids – we spent about an hour there and in the hot sun that was plenty.  And when we pulled up in front of the house, this is what we found in the backseat.

3 comments to Our Saturday Adventure to Soergel’s Farm

  • Dudders

    Looks like everyone had a blast! Goats are awesome.

  • Sarah Zipse

    You should be attending the Winnebago County Fair with me this week. They would love it! Apparently Amanda got three donkeys the other weekend – why and what for, I am not sure. From the picture, they look to be just about the right size for the boys to ride – Ha!

    Glad you are getting out and enjoying some family time!!

  • My list of places I need to go to before the weather turns to crap just keeps growing and growing and growing. Now I can blame you for some of that. 😉