We are very happy to have Scott back home!  He was in Guam for the Air Force National Guard for 5 long weeks and returned home last Sunday.  Thank you to everyone who helped out while he was gone especially my mom who stayed here several nights throughout the month when we were having a particularly rough time!

The last 2 weeks have been difficult for the boys.  They have both been sick.  At their 15-month visit we discovered that Wyatt had an ear infection in his left ear.  He started the twice daily amoxicillin routine and the side effects left him with a nasty diaper rash that made him even more miserable.  He also started to get dehydrated and continued to run a low grade fever.  I took him back to the Dr’s office yesterday where we learned that his left ear was still infected and his right ear also has an infection.  Since the amoxicillin was causing other issues, we skipped the augmentin and went straight to a “cef” antibiotic.  Hopefully we have better luck with this drug.

In the midst of the Wyatt issues, on Wednesday I received a call from daycare late in the afternoon – Ruslan had a fever and had to be picked up.  Since it was too late to go to the pediatrician that day and I was going to be at the office all day on Thursday, I took him to MedExpress.  And it turned out that both of Ruslan’s ears were infected.  So we are on the amoxicillin regimen for him.  I was able to add Ruslan’s ear check to the one I already had scheduled for Wyatt at the end of the month.  Since I was at the office on Thursday, Scott was able to spend the whole day with Ruslan.  Even when the boys are sick it is so nice to get to spend some one-on-one time with them.  They went on an outing so I returned home to find their shoes piled together by the door.

This is supposed to be the healthiest time of the year, so hopefully this will pass quickly and we can get back to normal…whatever that is.

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