Wyatt’s New Thing is Temper Tantrums?

That is the content of a text I received from daycare this week.  And Yes, Wyatt throws tantrums.  They are caused by two things:

1 – Making him do something he doesn’t want to do, for example – get in the stroller to leave the house in the morning, have his diaper changed, get dressed – this is particularly upsetting each morning, get out of the bathtub.  Any of these activities result in kicking, arched back and screams.  This is especially fun when he is wet from the tub.

2 – Ruslan has a toy that he wants – this results in Wyatt hitting Ruslan and pulling the toy away while screeching very loudly.

So basically anything can cause Wyatt to get mad and start screaming.  If he is fighting me over the stroller or getting dressed, that battle is over quickly.  If he is hitting Ruslan over a toy generally a diversion works best.

I’m not sure when they will learn the concept of sharing.  Currently the favorite item in the house is whatever the other one has.  It could be a book; a truck that we have two of but they fight over the green one; sitting on my lap when they want to be the only one – it is impossible to read a book to just one of them, the other one pushes his way in and there is always room for two at story time.

On this occasion, they had a yard full of water toys and all they wanted to do was sit in the wheelbarrow and fight over it.

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