A Sippy Cup of Milk and an Appletini

There are 2 pictures on my iPhone from this past Tuesday.  The first was taken after I dropped the kids off in the morning.  The boys each have a sippy cup of milk when they wake-up and I always make sure that I find them and rinse them out…finding a sippy cup under the couch a few days later…ick.  I found Wyatt’s cup right away and put it in the sink and then looked under the couch and tables and in the play area, over the gate near the fireplace, and finally found it.  Ruslan had hidden it well.

Later that day I flew to Chicago for work.  At our group dinner that night I had an Appletini and took a picture to send to Scott.

I don’t have any other beverage photos on my phone and the two photos side-by-side surprised me.  My daily life is filled with sippy cups and teddy grahams.  The days of regular happy hour outings and cocktails are a distant memory.  Those pictures were a reminder of how much my life has changed in the past 5 years.  Yesterday I was looking through pictures from 2009 and found this one.  I couldn’t stop smiling looking at Juliana hold baby Ruslan (6 days old).  I thought about how much our lives had changed and how happy I am that Juliana has her little brothers. Life is good.

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