Back to Normal

It’s amazing how easy the kids transition back to normal home life after a week away on vacation.  As soon as we got out of the van, the 3 of them scurried to the play area (which we organized prior to leaving) and started tearing everything out of the storage bins.  They were all so excited to see their toys; Wyatt walked around the room blowing kisses at his favorite things the first day home.

Here’s a look at what’s been happening in our house the past week.

Lot’s of climbing – Before school Monday morning, Juliana started screaming and I looked over to see Wyatt standing on the toy storage unit.  He was so pleased with himself and Juliana was yelling – “Wyatt, do NOT take one step forward!”

Thursday morning the boys wanted all of the balls from behind the fireplace gate (we keep them there so we aren’t tripping on them all day when they aren’t being used).  I thought they had enough to play with, but apparently I was wrong and they were trying to get over the gate for more.

Thursday evening my Dad brought the camera to me to show me these pictures.

I responded by scrolling back to some of the similar pictures I had already taken that week.  Much of the time they want to do exactly what the other one is doing…no matter how uncomfortable.

Juliana has been busy showing her independence by creating her own ensembles for school. I wish that you could see the bright blue shirt under the sweatshirt.  The blue and orange combination was something to see.

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