First Day at the Beach

We made a quick visit to the beach Saturday evening and then the weather on Sunday was not great.  Monday was our first major beach outing with the boys.  We packed up the wagon and toys and the big blanket and headed for the beach.  The boys were taking everything in – looking around and investigating the area.

Wyatt started to cry as soon as we put him down in the sand.  We were able to distract Ruslan with shovels for a few minutes, but he was miserable the rest of the time at the beach.  I ended up taking him back early because he was just crying and unhappy.

Juliana has a healthy fear of the ocean, but isn’t terrified like she was 2 years ago.  She ran along the shoreline letting the waves wash over her feet.  And she let me carry her out into the water a few times.

Juliana and Sarah dug a hole and carried buckets of water from the ocean to pour into the hole.  By this point Wyatt had warmed up to the idea of playing in the sand.  He thought it would be fun to sit in the hole and try to dig more and was even happy when Juliana continued to add more water.

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