Flower Girls – 1977 and 2010

Don’t I look like the sweetest child on earth compared to diva girl?

For reference, in the 1977 picture I am about 6 months older than Juliana is now.  I showed this picture to Juliana today and she made a comment about her flower girl dress being better than mine.  I responded by telling her that Nonni made that dress special just for me and no one else is the whole world had one exactly like it.  Her response was to burst into tears and cry that she wanted one just like mine…drama.  To calm her tears I told her that my dress was straight and did not twirl like her dress.  That cheered her up.

Her dress was that perfect mixture – it was great for both twirling and the swishing side-to-side bell ringing motion – Runaway Bride style.

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