I Suppose We Could Get Rid of all the Furniture

I don’t know if it is because they are boys or because there are two of them or if it’s a combination…whatever the case, they are so wild and constantly getting into trouble.  Climbing has been a favorite activity for months – toys, books, anything that can be stacked, become a step stool – a resource to reach higher ground.  Now that they can climb on the couch, things are beyond control.  Over the weekend they realized that they can use the couch as a means to reach the coffee table – and what’s more fun than walking around on a table… [Disclaimer: both of my parents were sitting just outside the frame of these photos, the boys were not unattended while I was taking these pictures].  The 3rd picture is a perfect description of life with these boys right now.

I can’t recall Juliana being this wild at 16 months and I thought that maybe I had just blocked out the memories from that time.  So I went into the photo folders to find evidence of Juliana at this age.  And I found this picture taken during the winter when the wood burning stove would have been in use.  Note: no gate around the hearth because she never climbed on it. 

So that photo supports my memories.  In fact the most mischievous photo I could find of her is this one of her running off with my keys…not in the same ballpark as these wild boys.

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