How to Eat a Push-Up Pop

Juliana and I went to Target one morning and I told her she could pick out an ice cream treat.  She selected cotton candy flavored push-up pops (I was saddened that she didn’t want the orange sherbet ones). We had them poolside one day and Juliana happily sat and enjoyed one or two of them.

It was a new concept for the boys.  Scott helped them get started and they dug right in.

And when Scott tried to help them get more ice cream, they screamed because he had taken it away.

Near the end, they started flipping the ice cream over to try and figure out how to get to the part that was still inside.  Ruslan dropped the rest of his…and then picked it up.

And of course it went right in his mouth – the entire handful.

In the end, they were happy and messy and I was really glad they were outside where we could wash them and everything around them easily.

1 comment to How to Eat a Push-Up Pop

  • I saw these plastic pushup things that you insert into cartons of ice cream to make your own pushups. I think I have to try them.

    So cute!!!