Little Island

The boys have reverted back to two naps per day while on vacation.  The wild running around, excitement, new activities, and later bedtime have made the mornings too difficult.  They are up between 6:30 and 7:00 each morning (no sleeping in for the mom).  My mom has gotten up with us each morning and we usually sit on the deck while they have milk and a snack.  Then they have some time to play before eating breakfast and by that point Ruslan is ready to go back to bed.  Wyatt joins him shortly after and then we have to feed them lunch before we can go anywhere…so the timing of a trip to the beach is difficult.

We decided to get them out of the house before their nap with a visit to Little Island (at the end of Sandbridge).  There is a playground and fishing pier among other attractions during the summer season.  As soon as I set the boys down in the parking lot, they spotted the playground and took off running.  This bouncing creature became a favorite especially when Ruslan realized that he could climb on and off by himself.

Wyatt is happy to swing endlessly – he never asks to get out. And if you take him out, he will just wander back again.

Ruslan was more interested in climbing and running across the bridge and back down the steps.

Then we walked to the fishing pier – the boys look so small on the long pier.  They were happily walking along (Wyatt’s hair blowing in the wind) and then realized I was standing back watching them.

We returned to the house for an afternoon nap before heading outside for more fun in the sun.

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  • We love sandbridge. We usually stay in the more commercial area (since my travel agent aunt gets us a great deal), but we often go to sandbridge for a day or two while we’re there.