Juliana’s 5th Birthday

She has been talking about her birthday for months, so excited to be turning 5. 

Scott and I took cupcakes to school for class snack on her birthday and that night we had cake and she opened her presents from us and her grandparents.  She spent the time before bed playing with the map for her tag reader – learning about the United States (educational toys!!).

We had a birthday party when she turned one and since then we have celebrated her party at home with her Grandparents.  5 would be her first birthday party with her friends.  We started to talk about party options at the end of the summer – I gave her lots of ideas and she kept asking for Chuck E Cheese.  I did my best to talk her out of it, but it was what she really wanted.  So we planned the party and invited her friends and the day of the party finally arrived.  There were 6 other parties at the same time which is to be expected at noon on a Saturday.  Other than the packed party area, the party was great.  The staff was available for every request and kept the party moving along.  After an hour of play time all of the party guests joined the birthday girl at the table for pizza.  Then it was time for the birthday celebration and cake.  And finally a trip to the ticket blaster booth to catch as many tickets as she could in 30 seconds.

Due to the limited time and space, we decided to take all of the presents home to unwrap.  She received so many fabulous gifts.  I think she many have told some of her friends that she wanted Barbies for her birthday…

She finished the day with cake and a movie and told me over and over how much she loved her party.

2 comments to Juliana’s 5th Birthday

  • Sarah Zipse

    You don’t want to know how long I stood in the Barbie aisle and then decided on books. Mostly because it was easy for you to hand carry :)

    • Jennifer

      She has plenty of Barbie stuff now. And she loves the books. And the Hello Kitty chap stick…she always has a tube of it with her.