I didn’t take my camera to Kennywood with us for 2 reasons: I was planning to go on big rides and my dad was with us to take pictures.  We planned well and took both sets of Grandparents with us and we met friends who have a child Juliana’s age.  At one point Juliana was with her friend and the boys were riding the train with one set of Grandparents and we had no kids to watch…

Juliana’s favorite ride this year – the Pirate Ship.  She would happily ride it again and again.  Unfortunately for her, none of the adults were willing to ride it all day.  She also loves driving the cars! 

And we both love the Kangaroo – she starts out at the inside, puts her hands up and flys toward me on the jump.  And then pulls herself back to the middle.

Juliana  joined the boys on the Dumbo ride.  The boys just went around and around on the ground – looking up at the other elephants in the air.

The boys took a rest in the stroller and then finished the day with a final ride on the Merry-Go-Round.

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  • Francina

    You have enjoyed yourself when you just fall alseep and are missing a shoe. Everyone looked like they had fun.