Ruslan and Wyatt – Chuck E Cheese

I thought the boys would be overwhelmed by the noise and the kids running everywhere and the flashing lights…no, they were intrigued and jumped right in.  They started out on the Merry-Go-Round and I think Wyatt would have been happy to stay there all day.  He kicked and screamed whenever we took him off a horse.  The Big Cheese himself stopped by and the boys loved him.  Later the girl who was wearing the suit that day stopped by out of costume to say how surprised she was that they weren’t scared (like half the kids who attended Juliana’s party).

Ruslan went back and forth to any ride with a steering wheel – and he drives very seriously.  Rarely cracking a smile in the process.

Wyatt was deterred from the Merry-Go-Round for a little while to play on the slide.  But when Wyatt wants to do something he is single-minded – he continually set off toward those horses, insistent that it was time for another ride.

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