Wyatt’s Current Favorite Thing

I heard the sound; it was still far away.  We were playing in the front yard and I quickly glanced at Wyatt.  He had already stopped playing and was standing, staring into the blue sky, looking toward the sound – he knew there was an airplane coming.  It was a low-flying military plane so he was able to see it clearly when it flew directly overhead.  He followed it across the sky until he could no longer see it.

Wyatt is fascinated with airplanes.  At the beach we were only miles from a Naval Air base where they train pilots so there was a steady stream of aircraft flying along the coast.  In addition, the Blue Angels were in town for an airshow and we watched them practice formations over the beach for several days.

Wyatt always seemed to hear them first and would immediately stand-up and look toward the sound.


2 comments to Wyatt’s Current Favorite Thing

  • TwinMamaTeb

    mine do too- and they have to get my attention and say “airplane! airplane!” It was cute the first, oh, 10 times?

    Need I remind you I live about 15 mins from the airport. Sigh.

    • Jennifer

      We don’t see many planes out this way that are low enough to see so it is a novelty. Usually it’s just helicopters and an occasional Air Force plane.