Dear Santa

Tuesday afternoon the Toys R Us Big Toy Book came in the mail.  When I was hit hard with a migraine that evening I needed a way to get Juliana to go to bed without my involvement.  So I sent her to bed with the catalog and told her to find toys to add to her Christmas list.  When Scott went into her room in the morning, she grabbed the catalog and said, “Daddy, the only stuff that I want is everything on these 2 pages!”

Later in the week, she brought the catalog to me so I could see the pages – I told her to get a marker and circle the items she wanted to add to her list and we would make a list.  She returned with the marker and proceeded to make lots of circles.  Then she started writing her list and on the other side it says, To: Santa From: Juliana.  She is very excited to send it in the mail.

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