Happy Halloween

A Ring Master, a lion and a tiger.  The Ring Master had a great time – she has several years of experience now.  She lasted a little over an hour with one of her friends.  We only took Ruslan and Wyatt on our block for about half an hour.

Ruslan thought trick or treating was a lot of fun – he happily ran toward the houses and tried to walk inside when they opened their door.  He enjoyed picking up a piece of candy and carrying it.  Most of all, he was very excited when one of our neighbors had their dogs outside…he loves dogs. 

Wyatt is having a rough weekend – just not himself.  I had to carry him for a while and then he got a little plastic pumpkin at one of the houses and he was happy to sit in the wagon after that.  He didn’t complain about the head of the costume at all which was surprising given his mood.

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