A (not so perfect) Day at the Pumpkin Farm

We went to the pumpkin farm a few weeks ago.  I had made plans with friends to meet there, I even picked the time and location…and then our day didn’t go quite as planned.  Something came up last minute which delayed the boy’s napping and getting ready to go.  So we were late, a lot late and there are few things that I hate more than being late.  I rushed the boys through lunch so we could leave and loaded everyone in the van.  We were about a mile from the farm when Wyatt puked up that lunch the I rushed them to eat (food + winding road = carsick for Wyatt).  Of course I didn’t have a change of clothes so I cleaned him up as  best I could with paper towels and wipes – there was no removing the smell…

They all had fun exploring.  Wyatt was interested in picking up pumpkins that were much too heavy for him and picking things up from the ground to taste (they out-grow the need to taste everything soon, right?).

Later Ruslan found a piece of straw to chew on and quickly spit it out to suck his thumb instead.

Juliana looked for all of the small, white pumkins and the rotten ones…the last pumpkins that most people would want to pick-up.

Scott and Juliana picked out some pumpkins to take home and Scott got in the long line to pay for them as we said good-bye to our friends.  I had promised Juliana a snow cone, so I pushed the double stroller through the crowds to the snow cone line. 

The boys were very tired at this point and Ruslan was screaming.  It was soon clear that he was not going to sleep and was going to continue to scream.  So I picked him up.  Now we were waiting in line with Wyatt in the stroller, Juliana holding on the it asking every minute when it would be our turn and I was holding Ruslan with one arm and the stroller with the other.  We finally purchased 2 snow cones – one for Juliana and one for the boys to share.  Juliana happily carried her snow cone to a bench and sat down to eat it.  Ruslan had a good grip on the other one, so I let him hold it and maneuvered the stroller to the bench.  Then I tried to take the snow cone from Ru so I could set him down in the stroller…tired, cranky boy was not willing to let go of the snow cone.  He got really mad and ended up spilling a good bit of it down my shirt.   I put screaming boy back in the stroller and dried off the liquid…leaving the sticky grape residue behind.  The boys were happy until the snow cone ran out and they both started screaming.  I got back to the van, opened the doors and the smell hit…and poor Wyatt had to get back in that car seat for the ride home.

Not quite the carefree afternoon at the pumpkin farm that I had envisioned.

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