Random Juliana

Most mornings when I go into her room she doesn’t move.  I talk to her, turn on the light, nothing.  I pull the blanket away from her and I am usually met with a whispered phrase with her eyes still closed – 5 more minutes mommy – and she pulls the blanket back up and rolls away.  My little girl is growing up.


She found out that I have a trip to New Orleans coming up.  She got very excited and wanted to come with me so she can go visit Princess Tiana.  Tiana is suddenly her favorite princess – she wears the dress several days a week after school, she had a Tiana cake for her birthday, and her Christmas list includes items like the Tiana snow globe (she has all of the other princess snow globes).  She watched the Princess and the Frog several times last week.  I asked her why Princess Tiana is her favorite right now, she responded – “She has the most beautiful dress of all the princesses – look how it puffs up and sparkles and it has a flower.”


We were watching the news last week and they were talking about the royal wedding.  She asked if Prince William was a real prince and the girl would be a real princess.  When we told her yes, she was very excited.  She wants to go to the weddding; she asks every day.  I told her that we will have a party and watch the wedding on tv, but that isn’t the answer she wants.

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