Wyatt at 18-Months

Wyatt is determined and analytical. When he sees something he wants, he walks with purpose staring in that direction, rarely running. He will sit and look at a toy or food for a while, trying to decide what it is and if he wants it.

Determined for Wyatt also equals stubborn. He gets mad very easily and when he is mad he arches his back, throws back his head, kicks his feet and screams. There are 2 occasions that create this reaction most often – getting his diaper changed (not optional) and when I pick him up at childcare and put him in the stroller to walk home. Wyatt has suddenly become a mama’s boy and there are times that he will scream if I am not holding him. G, Nonni, Nana, Daddy…no one else will do at those moments. He goes from ear-piecing screams to contentment when he is in my arms (usually giving a sly smile to the person who was previously holding him) so sometimes it is easier for me to carry him around when he is one of those moods. When I have to put him down, he puts his face on the floor and sobs. Thankfully he is happy to eat breakfast most mornings at childcare so I am able to leave him without many tears.

If you only see Wyatt eat foods that he likes, you would think he is a great eater since he shovels the food in 2 hand fulls at a time. Unfortunately the list of foods that he loves is short – mac-n-cheese, perogies, pancakes, waffles, berries (black, blue, straw, raz – loves!!), grapes, apples, cinnamon toast crunch cereal. There are other foods like cheese and bread that he will eat most of the time. Everything else – he will stare at it for a while and if he is in a good mood he will try a small taste. He still hates vegetables – those are immediately spit out. Pasta other than mac-n-cheese is most often pushed around his tray. If there is food that he likes and food that he doesn’t like on his tray, he won’t eat the food he likes until you take the other food away. He gets very upset if there is something he doesn’t want to eat (like green beans) on his tray.

A few of Wyatt’s favorite things – climbing, playing with blocks (he used to only enjoy knocking them down and now he will sit and stack several blocks), we have a piggy bank toy what he loves right now, art time at childcare – drawing with crayons, throwing a ball and other toys not meant for throwing.

He loves socks and shoes – I’ve never seen a toddler sit so nice to get his socks and shoes on. He knows that when it is time for socks and shoes it is usually time to go somewhere and that means outside and the van. If the van is in front of the house, with an open door, he walks out the door, straight down the sidewalk to the van, climbs in and trys to climb into his car seat. He likes going places; he loves looking at the front window of the van as we drive.

Wyatt doesn’t use a lot of words on a regular basis – he does a lot of pointing and yelling, but we are working on using more words. He can say and sign – more and please. Mama, Dada, Na-Na (Juliana), UP (as in pick me up right now, this is paired with both arms held straight in the air), bye-bye, no.

Wyatt is not our best sleeper. He usually falls asleep ok at night, but most nights he wakes up and crys at some point. Many nights it is a 5-minute cry and then he goes back to sleep. Others, he can cry off and on for hours – he isn’t hungry…he just wants mommy or daddy to hold him while he sleeps and hang-out for a while. Teething seems to set off a bad streak of nights and his teeth take a long time to come in.

Wyatt spends a lot of time in the extremes – he loves his food or he hates it; he is giggly happy or crying sad – either way he is always extremely cute.

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