Kitty WithOut A Name

Kwoan stands for “Kitty WithOut A Name”. We have had Kwoan since Scott and I started dating. In fact since we don’t know his birthday we assigned it to the anniversary of our first date. Someone found Kwoan outside one day and was unable to find his owner so Scott took him in. Kwoan always made himself at home, he settled right in as if he had always lived there. He was very mouthy and loved people, epecially strangers. Most cats run and hide when a stranger is in the house, not Kwoan, he would follow people around. He was so happy when we were remodeling the kitchen – people in the house to follow around every day.

Kwoan was a wonderful companion – he came whenever he was called – even answered to whistling. He was happiest curled up on someone’s lap. When Juliana was born he considered her another person to follow around and curl up with. He never snapped at her and she was always kind to him.

We even included him in family pictures on occasion.

By the time the boys were born, he was starting to get sick. We tried medications, but they were only a temporary fix. He started to get much worse over the summer and then took a bad turn over the past week. Yesterday it was clear that it was time and Scott took him to the vet today.

Scott and I are sad and Juliana is struggling – she has so many questions. Her first reaction was asking if we can get a new kitty and name it Kwoan or can we get a dog now. She has asked to see him several times. She wanted to know if Kwoan was older than Kitty (our other cat) and why couldn’t Kitty die instead because Kitty is mean and Kwoan was nice. At bedtime she burst into tears – asking again to see him – “I want Kwoan, I need my kitty”. She asked me exactly how he died so I explained that we took him to the Dr because he was so sick and the Dr gave him some medicine – she was quick to point out that the medicine did the opposite of what it was supposed to do. She is insistant that she wants another kitty just like Kwoan. Helping her deal with the loss is the hardest part of this.

5 comments to Kitty WithOut A Name

  • Sarah Zipse

    So sad. I still love that photo of Juliana kissing him.


  • pghrugbyangel

    Oh, I’m so sorry. :-( It’s entirely like losing a family member. Sending you all hugs.

  • *hugs*

    he sounds like the best kitty ever.

    pets > people

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  • Jess

    I’m so sorry, we went through this almost a year ago and
    it’s not easy. Hugs to all!