Surviving Christmas Break

I may have whistled and skipped home when I dropped the kids off Monday morning.  Everyone was ready to get back to the regular routine even though that meant back to work for me.  I enjoyed the quiet productivity during the day and looked forward to picking them up after work. 

During the holiday break, we spent 2 days at Nonni’s house, 1 day at Nana’s house, had a few play dates and spent lots of time playing at home (usually in pjs most of the day).  Juliana also spent extra time at Nonni’s house and a day with Nana while I was working – she was very busy.

The boys played with their car ramps a lot and also spent some time drawing on their Doodle Pros.

The boys received a bunch of Fisher Price blocks for Christmas – these were a new block for us – and they are great!  They stack easily and are the perfect size for their hands.  Most mornings the boys head straight for the blocks.

And reading books…I love when I find them quietly looking at a book.

Juliana spent her time at home playing with her Barbie toys, doing art projects and playing with play-doh.  Play-doh was banned from the house about a year ago.  I was constantly throwing it away because it was left out and cleaning up hard chunks from the floor.  When she received a new play set for Christmas I told her she could have another chance and she has been really good about cleaning it up every time she uses it.


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