No and Mine Have Arrived and Brought Biting Back

When I returned home last Friday I noticed something different about Ruslan.  No matter what I asked him – Do you want to play? Do you want to sit with Mommy? Do you want a snack? The answer was No.  At first I thought he must be mad at me for being gone, but it continued all weekend. The first answer to every question is now No and then he sometimes thinks about it and changes his answer.  When he does change his mind, he responds with his enthusiastic head-bobbing yeah (cracks me up every time).  The No phase is an annoying one and even more annoying when is accompanied by the word mine and screaming.  As in Wyatt is playing with something that Ruslan wants, so Ruslan runs across the room and pulls on the toy and yells “No, MINE!!!”  This is followed by both of them screaming.  I suspect the Mine phase might be more difficult with twins.  I wonder how long the best toy in the house will be the one that the other one is currently playing with.

Also making a return to our home over the past week – biting.  Both of them are doing it and they think it is absolutely hilarious – try to bite Mommy while giggling away.  I have a nasty red mark on my neck from a Ruslan attack this weekend.  I had hoped that biting was gone from our lives.

Thank God some extra cuteness has arrived as well.  Both of the boys give hugs when you ask for one or tell them to give someone a hug.  And the best part – when they give me a hug they say “awwww” because that is what they hear people say.  Hugs also come with kisses – those are sometimes scary with open mouths and teeth and drool and snot.  And they are now giving nuzzles as well – for us a nuzzle is rubbing foreheads.  There is an element of danger with a nuzzle, especially with Wyatt if he is very excited, as they are dangerously close to a head but.  The hugs are also shared with stuffed animals.

I think the most remarkable thing about the boys at this age is how quickly they go from exceedingly happy to desperately sad and vice versa.  Toddlers – they make life interesting.

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