Snow Angels

When I was at Target yesterday I wandered through the 2 aisles of summer toys (sand toys, bubbles, even swimming pools – is there demand in Pittsburgh for these items in January)…and purchased some sand toys for the snow.  And today it was warm enough to go outside and play for a little while.

Juliana jumped right in using the sand molding toys to build towers. 

The boys spent most of the time walking up and down the sidewalk in front of the house and to the neighbor’s house and back.  Wyatt only went into the street once today and even then it was a step into the street and then he turned to look at me and got back on the sidewalk.

I decided to help the boys make their first snow angels.  They did not enjoy the process.  Here is Ruslan’s first snow angel.

And here is Wyatt’s first snow angel.

Juliana loves making snow angels.

So she decided to help Wyatt make another one.  He immediately tried to get away.

He made his escape on all fours.

And then he lost a glove – cold hands are very sad.

When Wyatt is sad he puts his face down…he didn’t consider the implications of doing this in the snow.

And fun in the snow came to an end for today.

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  • K

    I know I shouldn’t laugh at Wyatt crying with snow on his face but that picture is so completely adorable I can’t help it!