The Boy Who Loves Sleep

When it is time for bed or a nap, if Iask Ruslan if he wants to go to sleep he will nod his head and say yeah, yeah.  Then he says bye-bye to anyone in the room, puts his head down on my shoulder and is content as I carry him up to bed.  He smiles and says nite-nite when I cover him in his crib and quietly goes to sleep.  On the weekends he naps in the pack-n-play in Juliana’s room since he naps longer than Wyatt.  During the snow day on Tuesday, I went upstairs to cover him up and he was so cute.  I went back downstairs to get the camera, took his picture, covered him up and then tripped over a box of toys leaving the room and he didn’t move.  It’s no wonder he wakes up so happy and full of energy when he sleeps like this.

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