Bumper Cars

It doesn’t matter how hard you search for the perfect toy – research, listening to requests from the kids, online reviews, recommendations from friends – you never really know if they are going to play with the toys that you buy. My brother and sister-in-law bought the boys a set of Radio Flyer Bumper Cars for Christmas and they were an instant hit.

Rarely is there a day that they are not coasting across the room on these. They have swivel wheels that make them very easy to drive and maneuver – unlike some of the other ride-on toys we have tried that don’t turn easily and take a lot of effort to get going. They have rubber bumpers around the outside that protect the walls when they drive into them. Also the bumpers make noises when compressed. The noises are not very loud or annoying. I think the boys are the perfect age for these and they like them most because there are two of them. If one of the boys gets his car out then the other one usually runs over to get his as well, and they follow each other around the room. I think it is a perfect toy for twins. So Nick and Becky, who don’t have any children and don’t spend much time around any kids, managed to buy the boys one of the favorite toys this year.

Sometimes they are used as a chair for a snack and tv time.

The steering wheel makes a good surface to hold a book.

They look much too grown up in their jeans and t-shirts…

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