Spring Fever

Those 2 days of warm weather…oh how I miss them already.  Short-sleeves, driving with the sunroof open, playing outside in the sunshine, very tired children at bedtime…spring, please hurry up and get here.

When we picked up the kids at childcare on Thursday, all 3 were outside playing.  We walked home and they played outside for a while including some time on the swings.  At one point a helicopter flew directly overhead and the boys stopped what they were doing and stared at it, turning to watch as it passed and flew away.

As we walked up the sidewalk Friday evening, Ru yelled, “Play” and started climbing out of the stroller.  They walked to the house next door to see the dog that lives there and then Ru realized that I was still in front our house so he came running toward me.  You can see proof that Ru has hair now…sticking up as he runs.

And Wyatt’s dark hair seems to be getting lighter.


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