Valentine’s Day

We put the boys in their cribs and cover them up each night and sometimes they go to sleep immediately and other nights one or both of them jump up and down and yell, or throw their stuffed animals and blankets onto the floor or into their brother’s crib… When I take Juliana upstairs for bed an hour later I go into the boys room to check on them.  If they went right to sleep, they are still covered up.  Most nights they are asleep with no blankets or sound asleep on top of them.  If they are on top of the blankets then I lift them up, move the blankets and cover them up.  Wyatt is so sound asleep when I do this that he thuds back down on the mattress and doesn’t move.  Ruslan startles in his sleep and sometimes opens his eyes if I move him and then settles back down to sleep right away.

Last night when I checked on them Wyatt was sound asleep and I adjusted the blankets around him.  Ruslan was lying on top of his blankets and his eyes were half open and they kept closing.  When he saw me next to his crib, he forced his eyes back open and gave me a huge grin and then his eyes closed again and the smile lingered for a few moments.  I think that was his way of apologizing for not cooperating with picture time that morning…

Wyatt didn’t really want his picture taken either.  I love the picture of him lounged against the gate.

Juliana, on the other hand, was very interested in having her picture taken…insisting that I take more.

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  • ashleigh

    The boys look so grown up wearing jeans and t-shirts! And I see that Juliana wears mismatched socks just like Marleigh!! Very cute!!!