We are Moving

When Scott and I bought this house, we planned to stay here forever.  I moved a lot between college and this house (7 times in 10 years), so living in the same house for almost 7 years is a really long time.  I love this house and will miss it…but that is a post for another day.  I never wanted to move again, but 3 kids will change your perspective on a lot of things.

In the fall we started to think about moving.  The list of things of things we were looking for included  – a garage where I can park, a guest room, better outdoor space, a playroom, eat-in-kitchen – in addition to what we have now 2.5 baths, separate offices for both Scott and I, etc.  Our search in the fall was targeted in Murrysville and we looked at a bunch of houses.  Even when we drastically increased our price range, we couldn’t find anything on the market that gave us everything we wanted.  We were unwilling to compromise since moving was not an urgent need.  We decided to stop looking and think about it again in the spring. 

Scott’s mom is a realtor (a really good one), and when your mom is a realtor sometimes you end up looking at houses when you aren’t currently thinking about moving.  The first week of February, she sent an e-mail to us about a house that she thought we might like and she and I went to see it the next day.  It was obvious immediately that the house was well suited for our family.  We went back the next day with Scott and my parents and Scott’s dad and the kids…might as well drag the whole family along for the big decision.  Everyone loved it, especially for the price.  The price comes along with work – some clean-up, fixes and updates that will need to be made right away and others that we will be making over the next year or two (when we have the time/money).  It was not an easy decision for Scott and I to take on these projects after we have spent so much time and money updating our current house…and we know it will be more difficult this time now that we have kids.

After evaluating the price and the work we would need to do and the long-term benefits of the house, we decided to buy the house.  By the end of the next week we had a signed contract.  Valentines Day was home inspection day and unfortunately there were some surprises.  We spent the next few days getting estimates and drafting a letter to the seller asking them to complete some work on the house prior to our purchase.  We were not optimistic about buying the house at this point.  I talked myself out of moving and starting to think about changes I would make in our current house instead.

This past Friday we received the news that the sellers would complete the requested work on the house.  At this point I had to remind myself of all of the positives of moving…because it will be so much work – packing this house and selling it, fixing up the new one, moving, helping the kids adjust, changes to the daily routine.  The change that I am dreading is driving to childcare instead of walking.  Having the kids a block away is so convenient and such a luxury for me – now we will need more coordination of car seats for pick-up (logistics when there are 3 involved) instead of simply walking home and more time will be involved in drop-off and pick-up.  I have to keep reminding myself that things will change when Juliana starts Kindergarten 4 months after we move and the boys will grow up as well.

So we are moving and not very far…less than 1.5 miles (we are managing to move closer to my parent’s house while not moving further from Scott’s parents).  The new house is in Churchill, one borough east from where we live now.  The house will work for us now and as the kids get older.  There is a room with a door next to the kitchen that will be a dedicated playroom and a large portion of the basement is finished including a wet bar and a half bath – this space will be a perfect hang-out area as the kids get older.  And I get my eat-in kitchen and garage.

Here’s a sneak peak of the house.

5 comments to We are Moving

  • Worthy Evans

    Neat! I hope ya’ll’s move goes well. Those things are a bitch to undertake. We found a foreclosed house for cheap here in Columbia, SC, and it’s in a neighborhood without trees and it’s way out of the way (and in a high-traffic area, too). But for better or for worse, it’s home.

    It’ll be OK. The house we’re in is not one I would choose, but so what: the kids are outside most of the time, playing with other kids, using their bikes and having adventures. That’s all that matters to me.

    I know ya’ll never hear from me (I’m an army buddy of Scott’s) but I think about the Pittsburghers often.

  • Summer

    Bittersweet… Very happy that you have found something that fits what you are looking for, generally a rare occurrence. Sad you will be soooo far away (huge exaggeration); I will miss the closeness and easiness of “up the hill”… I will be available to assist with watching children, using our big F250 truck, or any other help you may need to make the move easier.

  • Congratulations! It looks lovely.

  • Jess

    Congratulations!!! A ton of work but very exciting!