Cribs Tents for the Boys

We crib tented with Juliana when she dove out of her crib before she turned two and that worked well for us.  So it wasn’t a question of if we would crib tent with the boys, but when to do it.  I decided to add the tents last week for a few reasons.  The boys are just about the age Juliana was when she fell; Ru jumps in his crib a lot and gets high enough over the rail that I am afraid he will fly right over the bar; and I didn’t want to wait until we moved so they wouldn’t associate the crib tents with the new house…there will be enough changes to absorb at that time.

Since we added the tents, Ru stays exactly where we put him in his crib – covered up – instead of climbing on top of the blankets to fall asleep.  Wy on the other hand, won’t lie down – I leave him sitting up, surrounded by his blankets and cover him up later after he is asleep.  He still goes to sleep quickly, he just needs to sit up for a while.  Ru’s crib is on casters (that don’t lock) and we have hard wood floors in their room.  Each morning he would jump in his crib and I would find his crib several feet away from the wall – he has stopped jumping in the morning since the tent was added.  And of course a great benefit is the lack of blankets and stuffed animals strewn around their room each morning.  Wy would immediately throw everything out of his crib when he woke up (even if it was a brief nighttime wake-up) and Ru would occasionally join in the fun.  Now everything stays in their cribs ready for the next night.

I installed the tents while they were at childcare and after dinner took the boys upstairs to see them.  They wanted in the cribs right away to investigate.  At bedtime that night there were no issues and in the morning there were mixed reviews.  Ru wanted OUT and the tent OPEN as soon as I walked in the room – he started pushing on it demanding my attention. 

Wy was in no hurry – he was happy to hang out – especially after Juliana pointed out the holes in his crib tent that she had made when it was her crib and tent.  If anything they are sleeping better…so another crib tenting success story for us.

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